If you’re selling products on Takealot’s marketplace you will have to supply them with decent images of your products that meet certain standards. The standards aren’t necessarily difficult to achieve, but they do require some knowledge of photographic lighting and your images have to conform to a certain resolution. The average entrepreneur doesn’t have the time or equipment to produce these images and chances are if you’re picking up your cellphone and expecting miracles to come out of it in order to save a buck you will discover in a short space of time that while the technology has really improved in recent years, it’s still no substitute for professional photographer experience.

What a lot of sellers don’t take into account is the sheer amount of time it takes to produce great images, so even if you’ve got the techniques down pat, trust us that by the 50th time you’ve had to lay down your product in exactly the same position you’re going to wish you hadn’t begun the process in the first place. Then you will still have to import them all into your computer, resize them to the right resolution and organise them in a place where you will be able to upload them to the product listing on Takealot.

Fortunately if you are reading this blog post you’ve stumbled onto a service provider that has a lot of that experience in producing pack shots for a large number of sellers on Takealot. From art supplies to linens and beauty products, there isn’t much that hasn’t moved across our photography setups in the past 15 years and we have built up a considerable amount of knowledge on how to do it just right. From the angles to the white background we have simple processes for most products, so we can get you your shots for Takealot’s marketplace in a short time and at a reasonable cost. We can do flat lay setups, white products on white backgrounds, glassware, you name it! We also recently moved into a lovely new studio that also gives us the ability to shoot full length fashion on pure white backgrounds too. Our service is built on efficiency so typically we will shoot and deliver your images within 48 hours, sometimes even quicker (depending on the amount of editing required).

Our service includes doing all the grunt work for you. We will also store your images on our Google Drive cloud space for free for one year, so if your hard drive fails or your laptop is involuntarily expropriated to new ownership we’ll have your back should you need those images again.

Check out these shots of our amazing work space: